another survey, wow.
Do you use wide ruled or college ruled notebooks? i use both
On a pair of jeans, which pocket do you most use? i dont wear jeans
Do you have a class ring? no
What about a letterman jacket? nah
Do you still have a piggy bank? it should be here somewhere? either way yes i do.
What type of internet browser are you using? google chrome
What's your favorite search engine? google
Have you ever literally lent someone a shoulder to cry on? yeah
How long do your showers typically last? 20 or so minutes
Have you ever watched a movie with the commentary? the exorcist. planning on watching house of 1000 corpses with commentary
What about the subtitles? i always watch movies with subtitles im fucking disabled
What are your thoughts on reconstructive surgery? i mean, yeah, some people might need it
What about plastic surgery? no, its a waste of money
Or should people learn to love their flaws? why would you ever love your flaws
Do you style your hair regularly? never
Do you have a favorite word? What is it? fuck
McDonald's sweet tea: Yes or No? never tried it?
When was the last time you had a papercut? fuck i dont remember. but i did have a wire cut semi/deep into the skin of my thumb and it was painful as fuck
Do you have a favorite brand of pen? pen? i only use pencils
Have you ever sung in a choir? no
Did you ever pronounce bologna how it's spelled? i do it all the time
Are either of your parents in the medical field? they are not
What about educational field? nah
Can you cry on cue? i cannot
Do you wish you could? not really
Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? silver jewellry
Have you ever shaved your arms? no
What about your stomach? also no
Facebook or Myspace? Which is your favorite? Or is there another one? i prefer myspace (cough, rewritten myspace)
Have you ever made a friendship bracelet? i dont think so?
Did you or anyone you knew get swine flu? my mother, i think
Do you watch Curling during the Olympics? no
Is bright red lipstick classy or trashy? words cannot describe just how much i love red lipstick
Do the potential lovers you pursue typically have tattoos and piercings? huh?
Do you like your teeth? i mean? theyre crooked n shit but i have pointy canines like the eastern european i am
Have you had any work done on them? work? as in, braces? no never had em. i was SUPPOSED to have braces but :///////
Have you ever put ranch dressing on pizza? NO? that sounds fucking disgusting!!!
Do you remember the purple and green colored ketchup from the 1990s? ive only ever seen pictures of it but oh god. disgusting.
Do you pop your knuckles? i do.
Do all of your photos in yearbooks usually turn out looking terrible? YES HOLY SHIT
Did you have uniforms at your high school? no
Have you ever been to Japan? never
What about Germany? only in transit
Or Mexico? no, and i dont want to either
Does your family ever take fun vacations? oh god i have not been on a proper vacation since 2017...
Where was the last place you went on vacation? poland
Have you ever seen a castle in real life? i dont think so? but if i did then it was in poland
Have you ever seen a nun in public? two. also in poland
Do you, or did you ever, have a Gameboy? no
Were you a Nancy Drew reader when you were younger? the fuck is "nancy drew"
Do you think Twilight is losing lots of original fans because of the movie? probably?